LEDSite Electrical Product Catalogue 2021

4 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.atkore.com/marco The Marco Elite range is a striking series of perimeter trunking systems, designed to house high capacity power and data cabling. All trunking systems in the Elite range are CAT5, CAT6 and CAT6A compliant, and are able to house a number of cable configurations. Order Code Elite Profile ME3E Elite 3 MEC3E Elite Compact MT60E Elite 60 Order Code Elite Profile ME3T Elite 3 MEC3T Elite Compact MT60T Elite 60 Order Code Elite Profile ME3I Elite 3 MEC3I Elite Compact MT60I Elite 60 Order Code Elite Profile ME3F Elite 3 MEC3F Elite Compact MT60F Elite 60 Order Code Elite Profile ME3C Elite 3 MEC3C Elite Compact MT60C Elite 60 Order Code Description MTSB1 35mm MTSB1-4 35mm 4 lug MTSB1-25 25mm Order Code Elite Profile ME3J Elite 3 MEC3J Elite Compact MT60J Elite 60 Order Code Description MTSB2 35mm MTSB2-25 25mm MTSB2-50 50mm External Angle Flat Tee Internal Angle Flat Angle End Cover Joint Cover Socket Box 1-Gang Socket Box 2-Gang Marco Apollo Trunking Dado Description MTD3 Dado Trunking 170 x 150mm MTDF3 Dado Flat Angle MTDT3 Dado Flat Tee MTDI3 Dado Internal Angle MTDE3 Dado External Angle MTDC3 Dado End Cap MTDJ3 Dado Joint Cover Square Description MTDQ3 Square Trunking 170 x 150mm MTDQF3 Square Flat Angle MTDQT3 Square Flat Tee MTDQI3 Square Internal Angle MTDQE3 Square External Angle MTDQC3 Square End Cap MTDQJ3 Square Joint Cover Skirting Description MTS3 Skirting Trunking 170 x 150mm MTSF3 Skirting Flat Angle MTST3 Skirting Flat Tee MTSI3 Skirting Internal Angle MTSE3 Skirting External Angle MTSC3 Skirting End Cap MTSJ3 Skirting Joint Cover The Marco Apollo three compartment range is available in dado, square dado and skirting profiles. The range also benefits from the availability of a four compartment kit, which can be easily fitted on-site and provides two large centre compartments to offer an increased cable capacity. The Apollo range is also available with DDA compliance and can be brought up to CAT6 compliance through the use of additional data guides. Marco Elite Range Marco Apollo Range Elite 3 175 x 60mm ME3 Elite 3 ME3LGL Elite 3 Light Grey lid ME3AM Elite 3 Anti-Microbial ME3 Elite Compact 145 x 50mm MEC3 Elite Compact MEC3LGL Compact Light Grey lid MEC3AM Compact Anti-Microbial MEC3 MT60 Elite 60 200 x 63mm MT60 Elite 60 MEC3LGL Elite 60 Light Grey lid